Rabu, 31 Juli 2013

Recent Life

Dear Blogwalkers,

I'm sorry these days i'm too busy for blogging.
Since May, which is the last time i post something in this blog, I'm so busy to study for my mid-term exams and beside that, i also apply so many programs and competitions outside. The results & fruitions are in upcoming days. Recently, i'm too busy for my part-time job, i'm working as creative writer in one of the education company here in Jakarta. Few days ago, i also apply for some scholarships. Well, i did get some bad results, which is i'm not accepted to join the programs. but there are few programs which accept me as well..that's the thing i called "what goes around comes back around" ! I will still hold my motto of life "Never Give Up" and "Keep Learning" !! I have to reach my dreams whatever happens, i'm doin my best for my families and my princess in Japan as well..
Things seem to be impossible, but i believe the word itselves said "I'm possible" , and we never know if we never try it, so at least i have to try and keep my best to reach it :)
Anyway, i gonna post old things around in the future. When i exchange to Thailand, doing short course in the Philippines, and yeah travel around Singapore. I just need time to refresh for it, too many things keep me lazy doing these things. But promise is a promise, i'm going to keep my words for you !! I just have to find a right time :)

See you later, i'm gonna continue my work again ! :)

Best Regards,
Yos Steven