Selasa, 21 Mei 2013

Short Trip to Singapore

Hello Buddies ^_^
I went to Singapore for 3 days, and i wanna share my experiences after the trip.
Actually, I have been to Singapore so many times since i were child.. maybe it's my tenth, or maybe more.. i don't count it already.. and it's quite rare for Indonesian to go that often, so i called myself really lucky.
For me, Singapore is really a beautiful country that was really liveable as well in ASEAN !! i mean, if you compare to any other capital city in ASEAN, maybe i'll choose Singapore, everywhere the Human Resources has professional quality, eventhough when they can't give you the best services ever they tried the best to keep their proffesionalism.
And for the Public Transportation, it's all depend your choices and budget, since they have so many choices starts from Bus,Taxi,MRT,etc..
The City is very clean and supporting GO GREEN as well, so many plants and trees everywhere in the town,city,places.. Skyscrapper is everywhere, start from the apartment for the societies, the Business tower for working places, until Hotel , where the Tourist stay in !!
Everybody were quite friendly, depend on who you met, and they are really pay attention to the country's regulations. Everything in Singapore can be reconsider Expensive if i compared it to my own country's things. I bought Merlion Chocolates for about 20S$ , so it's about 160.000 IDR, and that's truly expensive for Chocolate size.
Anyway, for the language.. Mainly, Peoples speak English but if they are Chinese, they prefer to speak Chinese,and when they see you are Chinese peoples as well, they will start to speak Chinese to you. Because, i have experienced that, Whenever, wherever i starts wanna buy something, the sellers will speak Mandarin to me, and I was like "I'm sorry, I only can speak English and they were like suprised".
Well, I'm from Indonesia but for sure i have chinese blood and i wanna learn Mandarin. :)
Maybe for this time trip, it gives me learning to love the Chinese language, it has been so interesting to practice it here in Singapore, and i'm going to Visit Singapore again in the future, often or not often, but surely yes !

Anyway, let me share you the picture with the caption within it !!! ENJOY ~! If you have any questions regarding my travel experiences, and wanna know me better just starts email me okay , ^_^

Buffet Breakfast VIEW @ Holiday Inn Hotel ,Singapore Atrium

Orchard Road

Orchard Road

China Town , Singapore

China Town , Singapore

Eu Tong Sen St,  China Town

Orchard Road

Singapore Visitors Centre

Merlion Souvenir

Senin, 06 Mei 2013

Outing Program to Cinangneng, Ciampea, Bogor (INDONESIA)

OhaiyouGozaimasu , everybody..
It has been long time i did no blogging , so sad right ? but it's okay i'm going to continue my old hobby again ! it's fun actually, i was just lazy !
so Last Saturday, I went to Cinangneng town for the Ibuddy's outing program.

At The first time, i feel somehow sad, since i didn't know anyone much, okay let me tell you the story..hope it's not long
So, this Ibuddy program is a program where i'm the student of my University have to guide an international student who exchanged to my university for a semester or more ,so each person got one person to guide or maybe more. Fortunately,i only got one and his nationality is Dutch.
And the story is i didn't join the orientation , so i know nobody, but day by day it seems i just can't get out from the Internationalization. I met many international students and help them,after that i introduce myself to them and then they know me.
but what makes me afraid is there are still a lot of exchange students who didn't know me before, but it seems everything went well, i introduced myself to everybody and it's just GREAT !!
 Yeah ,the story weren't long right
so let's get into the core ! I'll upload the pictures and tell you everything just by adding the caption into it ! hope you gonna enjoy and amazed by the beautiful CINANGNENG~ :D

The Outstanding View

Swimming Pool

The Cinangneng River

Me with the Musical Instruments from Sunda

The Front Gate

Toys from Cassava Leaves

Me with musical instruments from Sunda

The Farm

Me with Andreas, one of my good friends

with the Thai exchange students

Dancing while the man guide the boat

Togetherness Photo

Group Photo