Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

A Digital Letter for Banana

Hello Blogwalkers
Greetings from Thailand, this letter i wrote for 'Banana', my good friend in Thailand. Actually her real name was 'Sirinat Paoklangprai'.
and since today is my last day in Thailand (2012), it's only a letter to say farewell  :)

Dear Banana,

You are the most sweetest person, that has a kind-hearted person that i never met before !
This is my first time to travel abroad so much,and you have accompanied me to travel along Thailand, not only that, you gave us so much guide in every travel that i did !
You really like to cook as well ! thanks for the treats last time,it was really delicious and authentic !
We have cooked together at the very first time and it seems all my cuisine was not that good compared to yours,but i really hope you enjoy it still :)
Stay cool as what you are now ! you are amazing just the way you are, Banana.
Hope one day you can open your own restaurant or become the World-Class Chef or maybe achieve something BIG in the Tourism & Travel Industry ! I know you can do it !
And, Thank you for the present from you & Yasmin ! It's really nice,i try to find it always but never buy it and now you gave it to me !
Last but not least ,here are our photos of memory together.
Enjoy !

Yos Steven

Chao Phraya River

Park near Grand Palace

So Sweet

at Siam Paragon

Waiting for Asiatique boat

at Asiatique

with Coco

Dining together

Dining together 2


Farewell Lunch Treat by Banana

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