Senin, 12 November 2012

Asia,Europe & America in one day ! (Thailand Version)

Hello Blogwalker,
Long time no see ! It has been a busy day especially the time i had my mid-term EXAM ! But finally it's done ! and now i have more time to spend on blog ! but the problem is the Final EXAM is coming in one month ! OMG,i just can't imagine,thing like this would not happen to my home university.
but it's okay, I believed if I can manage my time best, all is well :)

So last weekend,I travelled to Khao Yai !
It's located in Isaan Province or you can called it Korat/Koran if i'm not wrong !
It's so amazing and beautiful ! I <3 it
I travelled there with my Thai,German,and American friends which are Banana,Yasmin and Victoria !
We had so much blast in the moment ! I'll just share the photos with you guys !
anyway,I travelled so much back there,but didn't upload it yet,I may upload it later on :)
Enjoy !

In front of Khao Yai National Park

hangout with Thai family

the view of river

the tree view

the Hell Waterfall

The Hell Waterfall

the Spain hangout place

at the MooMoo Yum Farm

The Sheep

the Bull Statue at the farm

The Bull Statue at the farm

the process of Moomoo Milk production

The Horses Farm

Photo together at the Horses Farm

Gangnam Style !

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