Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012

A 1000 baht day alone in Bangkok

Hello blogs walker,
Long time no blogging, I apologized for that.
It's because I'm so busy and having a lot of fun here ! in Thailand !

As the topic shown, I had a holiday for today because my class was made up into last week.
So, I went to Bangkok alone since the others had class for today.
You can call me 'foreigner' either 'adventurers' !
I never imagined I can explore Bangkok alone, but for sure I DID IT ! today ! yeah ! :D

So here's the story, I planned to take 547 to MRT Silom from Salaya Bus Station, but it seems when i waited for an half hours, the 547 didn't come and mostly the 515 passed, therefore i took 515 to BTS Victory Monument.
for an hour bus travel, and i arrived ! I took BTS from Victory Monument to Mo Chit for only 25 Baht (amount of 7500 Rupiah) and when i arrived at Mo Chit, I take MRT Chatuchak Park and go to MRT Rama 9.
Unfortunately, In the middle of the travel i asked a woman there,and shown my book the address of place that i want to go, and the woman said "oh you should go to Ratchadapisek Station" instead of "MRT Rama 9".
Yup I arrived at Ratchdapisek and it seems i went to a wrong place :s so I paid 22 baht more (amount of 6600 Rupiah) to go to "MRT Rama 9", I take it as my experience anyway ;)

When i got out from the MRT Station, what i saw is the Big Building everywhere, and the malls look so big ! very very long mall ! and i keep walking and walking until i found the place i wanted to visit ,and that is Fortune Town ! a very big of IT MALL !
I ate Steak there for 55 baht (amount of 16500 rupiah), It's not really expensive when you compare it to my homecountry's steak in my hometown mall ! nice ! and it tastes nice too :D
Finally, I got to 'Lenovo Centre Shop' but unfortunately again,when i asked the sellers there,it seems that they said that the K1 product (my Lenovo Tablet) is already sold out in their country since 6 months ago,and in the entire of Thailand, this products never been sold anymore.
but i can understand it,since I bought this product in Singapore ! and finally i bought the Protector Screen for my tablet,it costs 450 baht ! (135000 Rupiah) !
it looks very nice on my tablet too !

After that, i decided to hangout until i bought some facial thingys ! and it costs me 350 baht (105000 rupiah) and i windows shopping every malls there until 6 and i decided to go home by the same road,get to the MRT Chatuchak and then go to BTS Victory Monument.
I ate in the Victory Point (at the Victory Monument place) and because i can't read any Thai written language so i decided to eat Kao man Kao (you called it 'Chicken Rice') because i only know how to read this one !
If you eat anything (Pork,Fish,Beef,Chicken,anything !) ,you will feel so pleasant in Thailand since you don't need to read anything ! JUST EAT ! :D
and otherwise for me,it's not ! because i don't eat Beef and I don't really like Pork ! tee-hee ! but sometimes depend on my mood, I eat it ! lol !

So the point is I would like to call this day 'A 1000 baht day alone in Bangkok' !
it sounds unconnected ! but Enjoy my post !

Warm Regards,
Yos Steven

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