Senin, 17 September 2012

Student Exchange to MUIC, Thailand

Hello everyone, this is my first post !

Anyway I'm really happy right now, because i just gained so many experiences that i can't get in my home country ! it's an international experience ! meet so many foreigners,Japanese girl,Thai peoples and many mores to go !

Yes, as what i wrote in the topic, I got study exchange opportunity to MUIC ( Mahidol University International College ) , Thailand. One of the Best University in the Southeast Asia region.
It's like a dreamed, peoples usually visiting Thailand for holiday,touristing,and etc.
But you see, I came here for study ! Education ! I'm just can't describe my feeling ! mix with this 3 thing : Happy , Excited , Curious.

Anyway, I'm taking Business Administration here (B.B.A) and taking 16 credit of courses..
I'm so happy, got to share with my mate here,The Japanese Girl.Her name is Miyuki. and I shared a lot of thing with her about Indonesia and so did her. She shared her experience by studying here,the culture,her home university ,and many mores to go.
And in the end of our talk,I am so hungry so i offered her a 'Indomie'. It's Indonesia's Instant Noodle. And in coincidence it's Satay flavour. so I shared a lot of things about Satay with her. LOL

What i'm really happy here because she said that the noodle is very very nice ! she likes it and now she is so curious about Indonesia. because she never have been to Indonesia before, and i show her my home University,It's Binus University. and she praises a lot of my hometown and so did i.

I'm tired now and got to sleep. rest to the fullest and let's go for another passionating adventure tomorrow ! can't wait !!
before i do that,let me share you some of my photos taken at Suvarnabhumi Airport ! :D

At Suvarnabhumi Airport

At Suvarnabhumi Airport

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