Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

A Digital Letter for Banana

Hello Blogwalkers
Greetings from Thailand, this letter i wrote for 'Banana', my good friend in Thailand. Actually her real name was 'Sirinat Paoklangprai'.
and since today is my last day in Thailand (2012), it's only a letter to say farewell  :)

Dear Banana,

You are the most sweetest person, that has a kind-hearted person that i never met before !
This is my first time to travel abroad so much,and you have accompanied me to travel along Thailand, not only that, you gave us so much guide in every travel that i did !
You really like to cook as well ! thanks for the treats last time,it was really delicious and authentic !
We have cooked together at the very first time and it seems all my cuisine was not that good compared to yours,but i really hope you enjoy it still :)
Stay cool as what you are now ! you are amazing just the way you are, Banana.
Hope one day you can open your own restaurant or become the World-Class Chef or maybe achieve something BIG in the Tourism & Travel Industry ! I know you can do it !
And, Thank you for the present from you & Yasmin ! It's really nice,i try to find it always but never buy it and now you gave it to me !
Last but not least ,here are our photos of memory together.
Enjoy !

Yos Steven

Chao Phraya River

Park near Grand Palace

So Sweet

at Siam Paragon

Waiting for Asiatique boat

at Asiatique

with Coco

Dining together

Dining together 2


Farewell Lunch Treat by Banana

Sabtu, 15 Desember 2012

Farewell Victoria Joy Strube !

Hello Blogwalkers ,
Today i would like to share my story about my friend here, Victoria is her name,oh yes if you wanna know her full name, Victoria Joy Strube (I mentioned it on the topic). She is from California, United States.
I'm kinda happy and sad at the same time (i know it's kinda ambigue), she is leaving us today,just now on 13 : 20 (1:20 pm).

She's the best U.S friend i never had ! She is so different,but if you tell me to describe the differences,i just can't..yes that's why i'm saying she is so different,i just can't tell ! something is just too special about her,i also don't know what is that so special about her,i don't know how to describe it !! ah yes,the conclusion are she is just too special and different at the same time !
I'm happy because finally holiday is coming, final exams has ended,but i'm sad she is goin to leave us ! no,she leaved us (sarcastic) !!
I wanna cry but i can't !

She is studying Sociology in Seattle Pacific University at Seattle,U.S . And i think she really know how to socialize with peoples, she is such a good listener, sometimes sensitive feeling can comes out from her,especially when i tell her my story life (when i tortured Gilbert) also, she cared about the children and sex trafficking in the world.
Fantastic,she got the personality, she got the careness, she got attitudes !

Anyway,she is a great teacher as well. She teached me how to practices sarcasm in English, She teached me how to drink alcohol..And now I know what you are thinking right now, "What kind of teacher is that ? teach such a thing ?"
But you know,experience is the best when it comes to the case-solving ! and we need those experiences in the future to face the cruelness of the world ! we just need that ! and she teached me so patiently,she always say "Steven,come on you can do it !" , "you can do it !" it's simple but it's works !
Okay i think my heart is crying,i really miss her so badly now :'( i can't see her already ! but it's okay,we would meet in the future ! I really hope if i can go to U.S but the ticket is just too freaking expensive !! but it's okay,i knew i will visit it in the future ! I believe i can fly #ehh
But still,she also said coming back to Thailand in the future,she is thinking about teaching English also, and not to mention,she would travel to my homecity !!! MEDAN !! I would like to show her the Biggest Southeast Asia Lake if she really do that ! Cold Weather,Volcano Island,A Succulent Sea, Kind peoples ! Interesting,huh ?! Oh yeah,I'm sure she would love it !

In the end, i Would like to share our photo together here, i hope you guys can enjoy it ! and Victoria,if you read this; please respond this to my facebook post or my wall,anything will do !

Ohhh miss her badly

Misss heerrrr

This is she with her burger

Yuhuuu Alcohol

I look older here,but she looks beautiful here :))

Senin, 12 November 2012

Asia,Europe & America in one day ! (Thailand Version)

Hello Blogwalker,
Long time no see ! It has been a busy day especially the time i had my mid-term EXAM ! But finally it's done ! and now i have more time to spend on blog ! but the problem is the Final EXAM is coming in one month ! OMG,i just can't imagine,thing like this would not happen to my home university.
but it's okay, I believed if I can manage my time best, all is well :)

So last weekend,I travelled to Khao Yai !
It's located in Isaan Province or you can called it Korat/Koran if i'm not wrong !
It's so amazing and beautiful ! I <3 it
I travelled there with my Thai,German,and American friends which are Banana,Yasmin and Victoria !
We had so much blast in the moment ! I'll just share the photos with you guys !
anyway,I travelled so much back there,but didn't upload it yet,I may upload it later on :)
Enjoy !

In front of Khao Yai National Park

hangout with Thai family

the view of river

the tree view

the Hell Waterfall

The Hell Waterfall

the Spain hangout place

at the MooMoo Yum Farm

The Sheep

the Bull Statue at the farm

The Bull Statue at the farm

the process of Moomoo Milk production

The Horses Farm

Photo together at the Horses Farm

Gangnam Style !

Kamis, 01 November 2012

Mahidol University International College

Hello Guys, long time no blog !
yes ! for me,it has been a long time..
I'm sorry but so many things to take care,especially studying here because i'm having mid-term exam in the college until next week ! I hope for your kindness to support and pray for my score ! at least it has to be a 'good' or 'pass' score when i transfer it back to my Home University !

Anyway, I'm goin to publish the MUIC photo which i took one month ago on the orientation day and visiting day ! The University is very large, the College is only one of the buildings there !
I think it's about 15x large than my home university or even more larger !
Enjoy !!!

With Mrs.Supamas


Front look of MUIC

Mahidol University

greenfield lounge

Chaiyapruk Int.House

Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012

A 1000 baht day alone in Bangkok

Hello blogs walker,
Long time no blogging, I apologized for that.
It's because I'm so busy and having a lot of fun here ! in Thailand !

As the topic shown, I had a holiday for today because my class was made up into last week.
So, I went to Bangkok alone since the others had class for today.
You can call me 'foreigner' either 'adventurers' !
I never imagined I can explore Bangkok alone, but for sure I DID IT ! today ! yeah ! :D

So here's the story, I planned to take 547 to MRT Silom from Salaya Bus Station, but it seems when i waited for an half hours, the 547 didn't come and mostly the 515 passed, therefore i took 515 to BTS Victory Monument.
for an hour bus travel, and i arrived ! I took BTS from Victory Monument to Mo Chit for only 25 Baht (amount of 7500 Rupiah) and when i arrived at Mo Chit, I take MRT Chatuchak Park and go to MRT Rama 9.
Unfortunately, In the middle of the travel i asked a woman there,and shown my book the address of place that i want to go, and the woman said "oh you should go to Ratchadapisek Station" instead of "MRT Rama 9".
Yup I arrived at Ratchdapisek and it seems i went to a wrong place :s so I paid 22 baht more (amount of 6600 Rupiah) to go to "MRT Rama 9", I take it as my experience anyway ;)

When i got out from the MRT Station, what i saw is the Big Building everywhere, and the malls look so big ! very very long mall ! and i keep walking and walking until i found the place i wanted to visit ,and that is Fortune Town ! a very big of IT MALL !
I ate Steak there for 55 baht (amount of 16500 rupiah), It's not really expensive when you compare it to my homecountry's steak in my hometown mall ! nice ! and it tastes nice too :D
Finally, I got to 'Lenovo Centre Shop' but unfortunately again,when i asked the sellers there,it seems that they said that the K1 product (my Lenovo Tablet) is already sold out in their country since 6 months ago,and in the entire of Thailand, this products never been sold anymore.
but i can understand it,since I bought this product in Singapore ! and finally i bought the Protector Screen for my tablet,it costs 450 baht ! (135000 Rupiah) !
it looks very nice on my tablet too !

After that, i decided to hangout until i bought some facial thingys ! and it costs me 350 baht (105000 rupiah) and i windows shopping every malls there until 6 and i decided to go home by the same road,get to the MRT Chatuchak and then go to BTS Victory Monument.
I ate in the Victory Point (at the Victory Monument place) and because i can't read any Thai written language so i decided to eat Kao man Kao (you called it 'Chicken Rice') because i only know how to read this one !
If you eat anything (Pork,Fish,Beef,Chicken,anything !) ,you will feel so pleasant in Thailand since you don't need to read anything ! JUST EAT ! :D
and otherwise for me,it's not ! because i don't eat Beef and I don't really like Pork ! tee-hee ! but sometimes depend on my mood, I eat it ! lol !

So the point is I would like to call this day 'A 1000 baht day alone in Bangkok' !
it sounds unconnected ! but Enjoy my post !

Warm Regards,
Yos Steven

Senin, 17 September 2012

Student Exchange to MUIC, Thailand

Hello everyone, this is my first post !

Anyway I'm really happy right now, because i just gained so many experiences that i can't get in my home country ! it's an international experience ! meet so many foreigners,Japanese girl,Thai peoples and many mores to go !

Yes, as what i wrote in the topic, I got study exchange opportunity to MUIC ( Mahidol University International College ) , Thailand. One of the Best University in the Southeast Asia region.
It's like a dreamed, peoples usually visiting Thailand for holiday,touristing,and etc.
But you see, I came here for study ! Education ! I'm just can't describe my feeling ! mix with this 3 thing : Happy , Excited , Curious.

Anyway, I'm taking Business Administration here (B.B.A) and taking 16 credit of courses..
I'm so happy, got to share with my mate here,The Japanese Girl.Her name is Miyuki. and I shared a lot of thing with her about Indonesia and so did her. She shared her experience by studying here,the culture,her home university ,and many mores to go.
And in the end of our talk,I am so hungry so i offered her a 'Indomie'. It's Indonesia's Instant Noodle. And in coincidence it's Satay flavour. so I shared a lot of things about Satay with her. LOL

What i'm really happy here because she said that the noodle is very very nice ! she likes it and now she is so curious about Indonesia. because she never have been to Indonesia before, and i show her my home University,It's Binus University. and she praises a lot of my hometown and so did i.

I'm tired now and got to sleep. rest to the fullest and let's go for another passionating adventure tomorrow ! can't wait !!
before i do that,let me share you some of my photos taken at Suvarnabhumi Airport ! :D

At Suvarnabhumi Airport

At Suvarnabhumi Airport