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My Flight experiences using KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) to Amsterdam From Manila

Hello Everyone,

Today, I would like to share how was my experience with KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) for my trip from Manila (The Philippines) to Amsterdam (The Netherlands) back on 24 December 2017. The flight was a connecting flight from Manila to Taipei that took around almost 3 hours and then from Taipei to Amsterdam for 13 hours more or less. So it was like 16 hours in total (which is new crazy experience and the longest flight I ever had, now my friends will called me brave by that B-)). As for KLM, I think this airline is well known for their brand and its excellence in punctuality, customer service, professionalism, etc. The flight itself had a bit delay however they did informed us in advance when there is a bit operational problem in the cockpit or something regarding the airport operational policy in Manila. But it was just around 10 minutes, and we depart afterwards. Suprisingly, the flight was even more than on time. I recalled when we actually arrived 20-30 minutes earlier than the schedule which is good. So below, I will give you some pictures and it's caption to show you more about what it looks like and what I have during the flight.

Where my seat is~
Business Class

I did not know that we actually will get 3 times to eat (lol, pardon me as this was the longest flight that i ever took). First, when it comes to the breakfast, they served us this Dutch biscuit called "Scroopkock" or something (sorry, if i did not pronounced it well,lol).. At the first sight, I thought it would be just ordinary undelicious biscuit ever but i was wrong, It was caramelized taste and very crispy biscuit. Yum for sure. And as for the drink, I chose Orange juice cause I loved Vitamin C! :)

As for lunch (or I would forced to call it another midnight dinner), It was pretty westernized asian food or I would say it is continental. Yeah, It was rice with chicken and some vegetables. Not to forget, it also came with Salad with olive fruits, beans,etc and then a white cake pudding which i am not sure where was it is origins. As for the drink, I got a cup of apple juice and also a bottle of mountain water.

Last but not least, the third menu consisted of Asian fried noodles with cutted-grilled chicken and tofu, greek salad (with feta cheese), fruit assortments, mini bread, salty cracker (with butter), tomato juice and a bottle of mountain water.

The flight was smooth, filled with eating, movies time and sleeping time. Also, the flight attendants were all just nice, they served me as usual like I am customer and they smile :) (which is the most important aspect for me). I cannot complain much regarding the seat as it was only the economy flight, and if ever i could say something, it's quite narrow for my legs to feel comfortable (i am not that tall anyway, just around 5.9 feet). I guess that is all what I can say regarding the flight, this is all written upon the request from my Thai friend, Banana (Sirinat Paoklangprai). Of course, not to mention, if ever any other people out there would like to book with KLM also can have some handful insight from my experience. Thank you for visiting and reading! I will update more more more tomorrowwwww~~

Kamis, 21 Desember 2017

Long Time No Blog

Hi everybody.

Long time no see and yes I was absent in writing (blogging) for a very long time since my last post was 2013.

In anyway, I decided to be active again since I want to make my life memories on this page (blog) which I think it will be resminicing in the future or when I get older.

I will talk about a shortcut story when I stopped / vacuum blogging since 2013.

I will start with the short course scholarship I got from Kyushu University to study at the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines, followed by my focus to study in my university in Jakarta afterwards and 1 year before my graduation and thesis defense, I was really busy doing internships, part-time jobs, my thesis itself and attending courses. Then, I got graduated by March 2015 from Binus University with a title "S.E (Sarjana Ekonomi)" or literally means "Bachelor of Economy".

Honestly speaking, I actually got a job already even before my graduation. My first full-time job was Management trainee program at OPPO Indonesia HQ. Then after 3 months of working, I was finally assigned as a Head Trainer for Jakarta region in there. In a nutshell, I was not satiesfied with the job eventhough I know there are a lot of people who wanted to get the position where I were. But afterall, passion comes first, I love to speak english, I love to connect with more International mind out there. Besides, It was not favourable to be in OPPO because I saw so many unhonest employees, even the bosses and the environment is not simply what I was looking for in my career track. So, I only stay less then a year and decided to move on from there.

In early of 2016, I chose to settle back in my hometown, Medan. I tried to stay up with family and rest up before I decided where should I go next. I finally continue my career with a local manufacturing frozen and canned seafood company in Medan. The job I did there was an International marketer for exporting. Basically, I really like the job but frankly speaking it is not about the job we like to do. Due to my condition back then, I felt like I cant save money much eventhough I felt the job is contented with what I learned back in University. Again and again, I just last for 3 months there which was the probation duration. I decided not to continue and choose to pursue career abroad. It was May 2016 that I decided to go to the Philippines to look for job. First of all, Philippines was not my first choice of course, but It was too difficult for me to get job in Singapore. Second, I know Philippines is where the BPO industries rule. Hence by that mean, I realized there are a lot of multilingual speaking job in the Philippines. Luckily, I am fluent in English and Indonesian Bahasa. Talking about getting a job here in the Philippines, it was surely not easy. I did get an offer in the first month when I stayed there, but then I was choosy. What happened was I did not realized that multi-lingual jobs there were very seasonal especially Bahasa Indonesia speaking job. Throughout all year, you can find Chinese speaking, Korean, Japanese and Spanish vacancies but not for Indonesian. I rejected few companies before I actually get a job and the duration was 3 months. Finally, by August 2016 I joined a company named CCP, Inc. Which the abbreviation stands for Container, Chassis & Parts, Inc. It's an US -based company but they are off-shoring in the Philippines to save some costs and yeah I am responsible for the Indonesian market on that time.

Okay, I think that is enough for now. I am sure my writing about my past here would be handy in one day for some people. If there is anybody who would like to know how to get job here, you also can ask me or if anything related. Without doubt, I will also talk my life and how is life in Metro Manila in my blog here too.

So stay tune~!

Rabu, 31 Juli 2013

Recent Life

Dear Blogwalkers,

I'm sorry these days i'm too busy for blogging.
Since May, which is the last time i post something in this blog, I'm so busy to study for my mid-term exams and beside that, i also apply so many programs and competitions outside. The results & fruitions are in upcoming days. Recently, i'm too busy for my part-time job, i'm working as creative writer in one of the education company here in Jakarta. Few days ago, i also apply for some scholarships. Well, i did get some bad results, which is i'm not accepted to join the programs. but there are few programs which accept me as well..that's the thing i called "what goes around comes back around" ! I will still hold my motto of life "Never Give Up" and "Keep Learning" !! I have to reach my dreams whatever happens, i'm doin my best for my families and my princess in Japan as well..
Things seem to be impossible, but i believe the word itselves said "I'm possible" , and we never know if we never try it, so at least i have to try and keep my best to reach it :)
Anyway, i gonna post old things around in the future. When i exchange to Thailand, doing short course in the Philippines, and yeah travel around Singapore. I just need time to refresh for it, too many things keep me lazy doing these things. But promise is a promise, i'm going to keep my words for you !! I just have to find a right time :)

See you later, i'm gonna continue my work again ! :)

Best Regards,
Yos Steven

Selasa, 21 Mei 2013

Short Trip to Singapore

Hello Buddies ^_^
I went to Singapore for 3 days, and i wanna share my experiences after the trip.
Actually, I have been to Singapore so many times since i were child.. maybe it's my tenth, or maybe more.. i don't count it already.. and it's quite rare for Indonesian to go that often, so i called myself really lucky.
For me, Singapore is really a beautiful country that was really liveable as well in ASEAN !! i mean, if you compare to any other capital city in ASEAN, maybe i'll choose Singapore, everywhere the Human Resources has professional quality, eventhough when they can't give you the best services ever they tried the best to keep their proffesionalism.
And for the Public Transportation, it's all depend your choices and budget, since they have so many choices starts from Bus,Taxi,MRT,etc..
The City is very clean and supporting GO GREEN as well, so many plants and trees everywhere in the town,city,places.. Skyscrapper is everywhere, start from the apartment for the societies, the Business tower for working places, until Hotel , where the Tourist stay in !!
Everybody were quite friendly, depend on who you met, and they are really pay attention to the country's regulations. Everything in Singapore can be reconsider Expensive if i compared it to my own country's things. I bought Merlion Chocolates for about 20S$ , so it's about 160.000 IDR, and that's truly expensive for Chocolate size.
Anyway, for the language.. Mainly, Peoples speak English but if they are Chinese, they prefer to speak Chinese,and when they see you are Chinese peoples as well, they will start to speak Chinese to you. Because, i have experienced that, Whenever, wherever i starts wanna buy something, the sellers will speak Mandarin to me, and I was like "I'm sorry, I only can speak English and they were like suprised".
Well, I'm from Indonesia but for sure i have chinese blood and i wanna learn Mandarin. :)
Maybe for this time trip, it gives me learning to love the Chinese language, it has been so interesting to practice it here in Singapore, and i'm going to Visit Singapore again in the future, often or not often, but surely yes !

Anyway, let me share you the picture with the caption within it !!! ENJOY ~! If you have any questions regarding my travel experiences, and wanna know me better just starts email me okay , yos_steven@yahoo.co.id. ^_^

Buffet Breakfast VIEW @ Holiday Inn Hotel ,Singapore Atrium

Orchard Road

Orchard Road

China Town , Singapore

China Town , Singapore

Eu Tong Sen St,  China Town

Orchard Road

Singapore Visitors Centre

Merlion Souvenir

Senin, 06 Mei 2013

Outing Program to Cinangneng, Ciampea, Bogor (INDONESIA)

OhaiyouGozaimasu , everybody..
It has been long time i did no blogging , so sad right ? but it's okay i'm going to continue my old hobby again ! it's fun actually, i was just lazy !
so Last Saturday, I went to Cinangneng town for the Ibuddy's outing program.

At The first time, i feel somehow sad, since i didn't know anyone much, okay let me tell you the story..hope it's not long
So, this Ibuddy program is a program where i'm the student of my University have to guide an international student who exchanged to my university for a semester or more ,so each person got one person to guide or maybe more. Fortunately,i only got one and his nationality is Dutch.
And the story is i didn't join the orientation , so i know nobody, but day by day it seems i just can't get out from the Internationalization. I met many international students and help them,after that i introduce myself to them and then they know me.
but what makes me afraid is there are still a lot of exchange students who didn't know me before, but it seems everything went well, i introduced myself to everybody and it's just GREAT !!
 Yeah ,the story weren't long right
so let's get into the core ! I'll upload the pictures and tell you everything just by adding the caption into it ! hope you gonna enjoy and amazed by the beautiful CINANGNENG~ :D

The Outstanding View

Swimming Pool

The Cinangneng River

Me with the Musical Instruments from Sunda

The Front Gate

Toys from Cassava Leaves

Me with musical instruments from Sunda

The Farm

Me with Andreas, one of my good friends

with the Thai exchange students

Dancing while the man guide the boat

Togetherness Photo

Group Photo

Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

A Digital Letter for Banana

Hello Blogwalkers
Greetings from Thailand, this letter i wrote for 'Banana', my good friend in Thailand. Actually her real name was 'Sirinat Paoklangprai'.
and since today is my last day in Thailand (2012), it's only a letter to say farewell  :)

Dear Banana,

You are the most sweetest person, that has a kind-hearted person that i never met before !
This is my first time to travel abroad so much,and you have accompanied me to travel along Thailand, not only that, you gave us so much guide in every travel that i did !
You really like to cook as well ! thanks for the treats last time,it was really delicious and authentic !
We have cooked together at the very first time and it seems all my cuisine was not that good compared to yours,but i really hope you enjoy it still :)
Stay cool as what you are now ! you are amazing just the way you are, Banana.
Hope one day you can open your own restaurant or become the World-Class Chef or maybe achieve something BIG in the Tourism & Travel Industry ! I know you can do it !
And, Thank you for the present from you & Yasmin ! It's really nice,i try to find it always but never buy it and now you gave it to me !
Last but not least ,here are our photos of memory together.
Enjoy !

Yos Steven

Chao Phraya River

Park near Grand Palace

So Sweet

at Siam Paragon

Waiting for Asiatique boat

at Asiatique

with Coco

Dining together

Dining together 2


Farewell Lunch Treat by Banana

Sabtu, 15 Desember 2012

Farewell Victoria Joy Strube !

Hello Blogwalkers ,
Today i would like to share my story about my friend here, Victoria is her name,oh yes if you wanna know her full name, Victoria Joy Strube (I mentioned it on the topic). She is from California, United States.
I'm kinda happy and sad at the same time (i know it's kinda ambigue), she is leaving us today,just now on 13 : 20 (1:20 pm).

She's the best U.S friend i never had ! She is so different,but if you tell me to describe the differences,i just can't..yes that's why i'm saying she is so different,i just can't tell ! something is just too special about her,i also don't know what is that so special about her,i don't know how to describe it !! ah yes,the conclusion are she is just too special and different at the same time !
I'm happy because finally holiday is coming, final exams has ended,but i'm sad she is goin to leave us ! no,she leaved us (sarcastic) !!
I wanna cry but i can't !

She is studying Sociology in Seattle Pacific University at Seattle,U.S . And i think she really know how to socialize with peoples, she is such a good listener, sometimes sensitive feeling can comes out from her,especially when i tell her my story life (when i tortured Gilbert) also, she cared about the children and sex trafficking in the world.
Fantastic,she got the personality, she got the careness, she got attitudes !

Anyway,she is a great teacher as well. She teached me how to practices sarcasm in English, She teached me how to drink alcohol..And now I know what you are thinking right now, "What kind of teacher is that ? teach such a thing ?"
But you know,experience is the best when it comes to the case-solving ! and we need those experiences in the future to face the cruelness of the world ! we just need that ! and she teached me so patiently,she always say "Steven,come on you can do it !" , "you can do it !" it's simple but it's works !
Okay i think my heart is crying,i really miss her so badly now :'( i can't see her already ! but it's okay,we would meet in the future ! I really hope if i can go to U.S but the ticket is just too freaking expensive !! but it's okay,i knew i will visit it in the future ! I believe i can fly #ehh
But still,she also said coming back to Thailand in the future,she is thinking about teaching English also, and not to mention,she would travel to my homecity !!! MEDAN !! I would like to show her the Biggest Southeast Asia Lake if she really do that ! Cold Weather,Volcano Island,A Succulent Sea, Kind peoples ! Interesting,huh ?! Oh yeah,I'm sure she would love it !

In the end, i Would like to share our photo together here, i hope you guys can enjoy it ! and Victoria,if you read this; please respond this to my facebook post or my wall,anything will do !

Ohhh miss her badly

Misss heerrrr

This is she with her burger

Yuhuuu Alcohol

I look older here,but she looks beautiful here :))